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we wish everybody well on the coast. great to be with you, bill hemmer, great working with you as always. we will see you tomorrow. bill: bye now. jenna: where in the world is hurricane earl, that's the question we're starting with. hi everybody, welcome to "happening now", i'm jenna lee. jon: i'm jon scott, all eyes on hurricane earl, a massive category four storm heading straight from the atlantic and heading for the frajit barrier island. jenna: earl is packing 145-mile per hour winds. this animation shows you the near total devastation a storm can cause. we have hurricane warnings and watching along the eastern seaboard now and thousands of vacationers are evacuating north carolina's outer banks, that's where we find jon tan serrie from kill devil hills, north carolina. what's the latest on the evacuation? >> reporter: this is in bear county and as of this morning there's a mandatory
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evacuation for all non-residents, meanwhile as the evacuations expand the red cross is preparing to open shelters. let's listen: >> we've got 82 shelters on standby, 15 of those are on immediate standby, which can be up in less than two hours and taking guests. we're getting well prepared for whatever earl wants to toss our way. >> reporter: by in large visitors to the outer banks are heeding the mandatory evacuations. as you drive up and down the main strip here, you'll notice people packing up their mini vans and cars and leaving the hotels and heading either back home or at least to higher ground jenna. jenna: jonathan, you know better than anyone, even when there's an evacuation, some people stay behind. what about the folks that are making that decision just to stay put? >> reporter: that's right, we are seeing a lot more people boarding up their homes and businesses than we were earlier, obviously, as the winds begin to pick up. they're getting a little more nervous. also, if you go to local supermarkets, local hardware
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stores, the local home depot, you'll see them stocking up on generate respect and other emergency supplies, for those who are staying here, preparing to hunker down, they're preparing for the long haul, jenna. jenna: we're seeing some of that satellite imagery on our screen, along with you, jonathan. we see it's windy out there. it looks like a relatively light day. how are the conditions? >> still relatively clear. as you pan out over the atlantic you can see there is heavy surf and off in the distance you can see some clouds. the big difference, though, between today and yesterday is we really are seeing the winds beginning to pick up. probably won't reach tropical storm force until later today, but we can tell a big difference even just over the last 24 hours, jenna. jenna: jonathan, we appreciate it. it's going to be a very busy day for you at the beach. we be back with you as the story develops. thank you very much. jon: what's next for earl and where is this massive storm likely to go after north carolina's outer banks?
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who knows better than the weather machine, janice dean in the fox weather center. >> reporter: are we going to go to southern massachusetts? >> there's a reason for that, just because i have the headline, just to clear anything up. there's a hurricane warning issued for the southern coast of massachusetts. that just broke. so we just want to make sure we get the latest information. jon: that's "happening now"! >> right like the title says. >> reporter: this is the latest advisory as of 11:00, we just got it in so my track is not up to date. as far as the coordinates, the track has not changed. it's the same message. too close to call, folks. and look at this hurricane. still a category four, down about 5 miles in terms of 5-mile per hour winds, down to 140, it was 145. it doesn't matter, though. still a very strong category four hurricane. here's the latest. hurricane warnings for massachusetts, as producer rachel said, from westport, cape cod to hull, including
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martha vineyard and nun tuck -- nantucket, hurricane warning, hurricane-force winds within the next 36 warnings, tropical storm warnings for new haven, connecticut, block island, tropical storm warnings, tropical storm-force winds within 36 hours. and, of course, the headline here, dangerous hurricane earl heading for the outer banks of north carolina. so extremely dangerous storm. look how close it is to the u.s. and if that doesn't worry you, it should. you know, i don't want to scare everybody, but you really need to know what you're going to be doing if you've got a hurricane on your doorstep. millions of people are going to feel this storm and here in the northeast we're just not used to major hurricanes coming our way. here is the path -- oh, it's been just updated, thank you brandon, our wonderful pouser, 140-mile per hour winds, this is the latest track, category four, comes down to a three on friday, but looking very close to the outer banks, and then as
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we head friday overnight into saturday, looking like almost a direct hit here, to cape cod, the islands, then off to nova scotia, and newfoundland on saturday. all right, let's take a look, here's our future radar just to show you what this storm is going to look like in the next 24 hours. there's thursday night, 9:00 p.m., coming very close to the outer banks. let's go further out in time, 3:00 a.m. friday, just off shore, there's the eye, and then heading friday, 6:00 a.m., very well defined hurricane, category three, a major hurricane, just off shore, and then as we head into, now he, saturday we're still going to feel the effect the up the northeast coast. tropical storm warnings all the way up to nova scotia. a hurricane advisory, watches and warnings are posted for the mid atlantic, up towards delaware and the
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updates we gave you, now we have a hurricane warning for cape cod and the islands. things are going to start to go downhill. just a quick look at the water temperature, still a category four storm, it will probably be a major hurricane, as we get around cape hattaras, the threshold for hurricanes to hold their strength is around 80 degrees, once it's up the northeast coast, the temperatures drop but because the storm is moving so quickly i don't think this is going to have a big effect of the we're still going to see a hurricane off the northeast coast friday into saturday. so tkpwaoeurbgs these advisories are so crucial as we get closer and closer to the storm perhaps making a direct hit over cape cod and the islands, as well as the outer banks in the next 12-24 hours. jon: sounds like a messy weekend for a lot of people. >> reporter: i know, it's labor day weekend. it's the worst. jon: thank you. evacuation orders expand along coastal north carolina, as the entire northeast braces for the category four storm. if you want to get your
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latest weather updates and what you can expect from earl in your home town, check out, hurricane earl link, it's on the home page. jenna: jon, we're always going from rough news on the weather to maybe some more news about the economy, so there's a little truth and irony in that. this week we are looking at jobless claims yet again, the amount of americans filing for unemployment and the number fell last week, the number, though, still high and we have the jobs report tomorrow. the fox bit network has more on this. talk us through this week's numbers and talk about the jobs report. >> you're right to say they're a little high, 472,000 is still a stubbornly high number for jobless claims and the amount of people filing for unemployment benefits in the late week but it did go down and gone down two weeks in a row. if you want the good news, that's all we have, but going into tomorrow, we do not expect a strong number, picking up to 9 1/2 to 9.6 percent and the economy to last more than 100,000
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jobs last month. many are census workers, a one-time thing but it's not a very strong labor market. jenna: you said the weekly number has gone down two weeks in a row. is that because people are getting hired ambassador because people are kpa*uing the benefits? >> we see that in the claims figure which did go down a little bit like the figure on weekly jobless claims. they don't break it down, it's hard to tell, but it may be even though unemployment benefits have been extended they don't last forever and people have been out of work so long they're starting to run out of benefits. the other thing to look out for, the unemployment rate is supposed to tick up. we really should root for that. it sounds counterintuitive but if the unemployment rate is going up, it means at least people are looking for work. if they've given up hope and not looking, the unemployment rate is going to go down for the wrong reasons. strange as it sounds we want that rate to go up a little bit. jenna: may be a big day on fox business. are you going to be on air at 8:30. >> we're always busy.
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jenna: at 8:30, we'll get the jobs number and we'll be on air for that. that's a big number. jon: you won't get any sleep tonight worrying that, jenna! thanks. we are getting new information today about that gunman who held three people hostage at the discovery channel headquarters, police wound up shooting james lee dead, fearing for the lives of those hostages and today, employees are speaking out about their ordeal. >> we were all in the building, i mean, all in our offices, and when the employees called, we went to the window and then when was at that point that we saw the police running out, cars pulling up, guns drawn, going to the lobby of the building.
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jon: new information now about the environmental militants who terrorized employees for hours at the discovery channel headquarters in maryland. the building is open this morning, so workers can get belongings they had to leave behind when they raced out of there yesterday. counselors are on hand today to offer support. police shot and killed james
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j. lee, four hours after lee took three people hostage in the lobby of the company's headquarters. he had a gun and explosives strapped to his body. national correspondent catherine herridge was there yesterday. catherine, we know he was known to discovery channel in the days before this hostage situation? >> reporter: well, jon, yesterday, one of the first thing i had came from a discovery channel employee who said to me that james lee was well-known to people in the building because of a protest that he staged two years previously. court records show that february 2008, james lee was convicted of disorderly conduct and it was just two weeks ago that his probation ran out. in addition, when you look on to his website, save the planet protest.k0*78, you see a common team -- theme, he believed that there was an overpopulation of the earth and he railed against some of the programs on discovery, you know, the extremely large family programs, dugards, jon & kate plus eight.
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the question in my mind, if he was well known to people at discovery and if there had been a criminal proceeding against him, why discovery had not taken up some type of restraining order against him if he was known to people and was seen to be a threat or a menace to the people who worked there, jon. they dodged a bullet yesterday. jon: they sure did, yeah. have we heard from any of the hostages? >> we have. we know there were three men who were hostages. two were discovery channel employees and the third was a security guard, and one of the radio stations here, which you probably know, was able to get a statement from one of the hostages, james mcnulty, who wrote on the facebook page, quote, first of all i want to thank the montgomery county police and all the agencies who responded for help to go ensure the safety of all of my colleagues at discovery communications and for help to go get me and my fellow hostages out safely. what was clear to me yesterday afternoon when i was on the scene is that about 4:00 eastern, the negotiations with the gunman
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were not going well, and in less than an hour after that, that is when they made the decision to use lethal force against him. we know that they were talking to him, the tactical unit had been within their eyeshot and then the gunman pulled a weapon on one of the hostages and it was at that point that they thought there was an imminent risk to the three people who were with him and they shot him and killed him and at that point some of the explosives on his vest that he was wearing went off as well, jon. jon: catherine herridge, live for us in washington, thank you. we know a lot of you are online while you're watching "happening now". log on to fox for a slide show of some of the images, capturing the discovery channel stand off. jenna: we weren't the only ones dealing with a hostage situation. take a look at what happened in germany, a drama playing out at a gas station, the guy, his back is to us, he held five people hostage at one point, he's with one of
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the hostages, with a knife to the hostage's throat, and you can see a police officer come at him, they use a taser on him. they both fell to the floor, both the hostage and suspect. no word on the motivation, but again, a very scary situation, a hostage situation in germany yesterday. well, with the november election just two months away a new report today is raising political eyebrows. karl rove joins us live to talk about that report and the roller coaster ride that could be coming our way in the mid terms. and how about some base brawl? on the field, a massive bench clearer. kind of like politics! it's a little like that! we'll show you exactly what started this major meeting may lay.
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jon: "happening now" in the top box, secretary of defense robert gates in afghanistan right now meeting with president karzai. as well as u.s. commander general david petraeus, he will also meet with u.s. troops. in the phoeulgdz box, as secretary gates travels through the country two american troops have died in battle just today. in the bottom box, villagers returning to their ash-covered homes near that indonesian volcano that blew, the volcano erupting after being dormant no more than 400 years. jenna. jenna: well, jon, fox news is your election headquarters and a new eye popping report is out just two months before the midterm elections indicating that republicans could make significant gains in congress this november. jim angle is live in washington with this story. jim whargs kind of gains are we talking about here? >> reporter: in an
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exhaustive analysis, widely respected political analyst larry sabato says republicans are looking at huge gains this november. listen: >> there's absolutely no doubt at this point, it's a republican year, and very probably a big republican year. this particular election year has been mischaracterized as an antiincumbent year. in fact, it's becoming increasingly obvious that it's an antidemocratic year. >> reporter: unforeseen events can change things but sabato's analysis predicts a gain of 47 seats for republicans in the house and eight to nine in the senate, putting them just one seat short of taking over both houses of congress. not only that, but he predicts gains at the state level as well with republicans picking up eight goneships and 300-500 seats in state legislatures. sabato says that could have an impact for years to come.
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>> 2011 is the redistricting year. the districts for the house of representatives and all the districts for the state legislatures will be redrawn in 2011. the more republican governors, the more republican state legislators you have, the more republican the new districts are going to be. >> reporter: and that, jenna, could result affect -- affect results in elections for the next ten years. jenna: that is speculation from larry sabato but what is the reason he gives for such a big shift? >> reporter: it's actually more than speculation. these are very carefully crafted projections of what we already know. obviously, the economy is the biggest issue. that is affecting turnout, which already favored republicans. listen: >> most voters, fairly or unfairly, look at president obama and say he's overpromised and underdelivered. when a president has that kind of judgment from the voters about the issue they
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care about most, the economy, it usually results in a very bad election for the president. >> reporter: and that means that turnout is going to be huge here. president obama, of course, has tried to blame president bush for current problems, but since he and the democrats have been in power for some two years, that is wearing a little thin with voters. so with democrats in control, president obama has no one to blame for his failures. if republicans take over congress, you can be sure problems will be blamed on a republican congress, standing in the way, which is exactly what bill clinton did when republicans won congress in 1994. so along with all these wonderful gains as republicans see it, there's also a little bit of danger. jenna: that's a good point, jim, good point. two months until the mid terms. jim angle, thank you very much. jon: jenna, you know our viewers like politician and in a couple of minute, we'll talk about what jim was bringing us with karl rove and nobody knows better than he does.
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jenna: you have the next story, right? i hate to extend any metaphors. jon: you have seen the south american legislative battles and they looks like this, a wild night in south florida, a beach clearing brawl topping off a 2600 ballgame. check it out, chris volstad throwing it past nyier morgan, fists fly, both players are ejected. take another look. morgan is already appealing anotherises pension for throw ago ball at fans in philadelphia. and stay tuned, because these two teams play each other again next weekend. jenna: that's a clothes line in there, right? they weren't holding back. but yeah, there it is, right there. well -- >> jon: at least it's better than a hockey fight, they're not wearing masks! jenna: i don't know if it's better or worse but that's a
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pretty good ball fight if you've ever seen one. was he aiming for him, what do you think, jon? >> when i was in eighth grade, i through a lot of bad balls. jenna: just like that one? get in any fights? jon not 97 miles an hour! jenna: we'll keep you updated if we hear anything on that story. in the meantime, other news to get to as well. a lot of hope is riding on middle east peace talks going on in washington now. the prospects for breakthrough and the possible pitfalls also just ahead. a big day down in d.c.. you can get your fox news alerts on your computer, at home, work, or your mobile device. click on, we'll send breaking news to your inbox. go ahead, sign right up.
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jenna: right now we are monitoring a news conference on the latest developments for hurricane earl, both fema and the national hurricane center will be providing up to the date information on evacuations and what you may need if you are impacted by this storm. all eyes are on the stock market now, stocks are down slightly after big gains yesterday but remember, big jobs report tomorrow, new unemployment rate. that's going to be a big report for investors and the rest of us to watch, jon. jon: in washington right now, secretary of state hillary clinton, hosting direct negotiations between israeli prime minister benjamin netanyahu and palestinian authority mahmoud abbas, the first round of talks aimed at getting the middle east process back on track. >> by being here today, you
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each have taken an important step towards freeing your peoples from the shackles of a history we cannot change. and moving toward a future of peace and dignity that only you can create. jon: our senior white house correspondent major garrett is live for us at the white house, major. >> reporter: good afternoon, the talks have begun face to face between mahmoud abbas and israeli prime minister benjamin netanyahu, they're scheduled for three hours at the state department and if they go longer that will please the obama administration because it's worked painstakingly behind the scenes for months months, the entire breadth of the obama presidency to bring the two sides together for direct talks, because all sides agree the only way to resolve all the deeply contentious issues that have separated the palestinians and israelis for decades is
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to try to resolve them face to face. the deadline is one year, all sides have agreed publicly that they can resolve the differences or at least try in one year and both of the leaders express their confidence and commitment to that pursuit here today. here's benjamin netanyahu, the israeli prime minister: >> i as the prime the am prepard to walk this road -- as the prime minister am prepared to walk this road and long way in a short time to achieve a genuine peace that will bring our people security, prosperity, and good neighbors. >> reporter: now, the issues are very familiar, jon. you have to water a palestinian state with an independent capitol, jerusalem, while the israelis also have a claim to jerusalem, there's a discussion about maybe separating jerusalem into three different parts. the palestinianie, israeli, inden or not aa-- not aligned part, there's the
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issue of refugees, border security, all of them are on the tail and the palestinian president, mahmoud abbas, said he, too, believes he can, along with the israelis, find something that's been impossible to find before. >> we want to state our commitment on all our commitments, ending incitement, and we call on the israeli government to move forward with its commitment to all settlement activities and completely lift the embargo over the gaza strip. >> reporter: the question of settlements looms quite large, jon. the imposed moratorium sought by the united states agreed to by israel to block all future settlements expires on september 26th. the palestinians want that moratorium extended, the israelis have said they're not going to do that. so the talks could break down over that issue in the very near future. that will be the first test. jon: let's hope they can make some head way this time, major garrett, thank you.
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>> of course. jenna: we do have breaking news for you here. we have reports of a rig explosion in louisiana. apparently, the coast guard is responding to this oil rig explosion, or the reports of this oil rig explosion. it's south of grand isle, louisiana. apparently, coast guard rescue chopper, helicopters are responding, and we know according to one local report from wzue that there were 13 people on board this rig, they're reporting 12 are accounted for, and seven helicopters are in the sky from both houston and new orleans. the coast guard helicopters, to try to go to this area and try to assess what exactly is going on there. the first reports we have about any sighting of oil is that there is no sight -- sighting of oil in the water but obviously a developing situation. those are all the reports we have right now. we're going to continue to gather new information and bring that to you as we hear more. in the meantime, we have to get back to this story about the mideast peace
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talks. right now hamas is having other ideas about the relaunch of peace talks, launching two attacks in the west bank in as many days. the latest is a shooting attack, wounding two israelis as they drove in their car, this is following tuesday's blood bath, a shooting of -- sorry, a shooting death of four israeli settlers, including a pregnant woman. this is on the eve of the peace talks. so can these negotiations bring peace with so manyo when so many others have failed? this is something president obama says we must undertake no matter what the odds are. >> this is the shoulders of our predecessors upon which we stand, it is their work that we carry on. now, like each of them, we must ask do we have the wisdom and the courage to walk the path of peace. jenna: that's a big question. joining us now is eliot abrams, former deputy national security adviser to president george w. bush.
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he also supervise \dollars/{^ed} u.s. policy in the middle east for the white house. mr. abrams, do we have the wisdom and courage, what's your answer to that question? >> well, it's very hard to be optimistic. you know, these people have been negotiating for 20 years without making very much progress. it's hard to see why this time, they're going to make all these great breakthroughs. jenna: what do you think may be different this time around? >> well, what's different and that is hopeful is there is real movement on the ground in the west bank, that is, i think the palestinian state is not going to be built top down at a negotiating table. it can be built bottom up in the west bank and there, since the death of yasser arafat, there's been a sur standingsal amount of progress. the west bank is a much better place now and much more like a state than it did five years ago. jenna: mr. abrams, we have breaking news. we hope to talk to you soon on this issue and more. thank you sir.
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jon: a fox news alert, and let's hope it is not here we go again, deepwater horizon stage two. hair sis on that report of an oil rig explosion off the coast of louisiana. harris. >> reporter: i've just gotten off the phone with the district commander's office at the u.s. coast guard, and i'm working on firming up some of these de -- these details. i can tell you that seven helicopters, two airplanes and four boats reportedly are enroute to the site, it's about 80 miles south of vermillion bay, along the central louisiana coast and if you're not from there and obviously we're in new york and are not, this isn't too awfully far but it is west of the bp oil spill and where the deepwater horizon exploded. right now, as you heard jenna say earlier, there are no reports of any oil in the water but you'll remember, when we saw the first oil explosion, that wasn't ready known right then, either, because it happened at night. so it's difficult to say
11:37 am
exactly what we're dealing with just yet. there are reports that at least one person is unaccounted for, but i'm still working on that. that could be just simply that they, you know, haven't put that person's name on a list yet and checked it off and that that person is absolutely fine. but right now, seven helicopters, two airplanes, they're basically throwing everything they've got at this thing and as soon as they arrive, hopefully i'll get better information. an oil rig explosion off shore, it's a petroleum structure in the gulf of mexico. jon, you put it best, is this dejavu all over again? we don't know yet. but on first blush, it's a serious situation. i'm all over it now. i'll update you as i can. jon: just so our viewers are clear, grand isle is the best location we have. that doesn't necessarily mean that that's where the rig is. it's only reported to be south of grand isle. somewhere in the gulf. and that's why we put that locator on the map for you. >> reporter: 80 miles mouth of vermillion bay
11:38 am
along the central louisiana coast. as you look at the map there, you're right, grand isle would be kind of an obvious place to put the dot for where this could be because that's about the half way point but as i learn more we'll pin that down. jon: keeping our viewers tph-fld. thank you harris. jenna: whether it's a drilling rig or a platform, we're trying to clear up questions but there is smoke, it is being responded to by the coast guard. we're going to make calls, get you more information, be right back on this breaking story in louisiana.
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jenna: all right everybody, let's get caught up to date haoerbgs we have reports the coast guard is responding to an oil rig explosion off the coast of louisiana in the gulf of mexico. some of the informs we're getting as it comes in is that the coast guard was responding to, quote, people in the water. we're still unclear what exactly this platform is. is it a production platform, is it a rig, were there actually people working on it. harris, we have a few different reports as we're getting them into the
11:42 am
newsroom. let's just talk a little about what we actually know at this time. >> reporter: all right, let's concentrate on the elements that the coast guard is putting together right now. they are responding basically with everything they have. i just got off the phone with them, they say they're working on putting out a statement because they want to make sure they get some things right here. there are reports that some 13 or 14 people were on that rig, so they want to make sure they have all their duck necessary a row when they tell us exactly what they're dealing with here. seven helicopters, two airplanes, four boats, enroute to the site, and when i just got off the phone i was not given any indication that that has changed. it's 80 miles south of vermillion bay along the central louisiana coast. this is an off shore oil rig that has exploded in the gulf of mexico. we're told it is west of the british petroleum oil rig site where the deep water horizon was located. so we don't know how far away it is, but right now as we've been reporting, there's no confirmation of any oil in the water at this
11:43 am
point, and we're still working to see whether there were actually workers on board or if these were people who were responding to this and got into harm's way. we're not sure yet. but this is a very serious situation, playing out in the gulf of mexico. i've got the calls into the u.s. coast guard and they're expected to put out a statement hopefully short reform as i get fresh information, i'll bring it to you. jenna: harris, one of the things we're seeing as it's coming in from the coast guard, from petty officer k.c.rannow, talking to the local press. >> and all of us. jenna: and you as well, saying that the name of this company that the rig is owned by is mariner energy. so mariner energy apparently owns this rig, details are a little bit scarce at this time, as we're trying to work this together. but again, not exactly the news you want to hear. jon: no, not at ul. certainly lots of questions to be answered here. first of all, some of these wells in the gulf are relatively shallow. the huge problem with the deepwater horizon well that
11:44 am
was being -- that was owned by bp, drilled by deepwater horizon, was that it was so deep. so that thing, almost a mile down in the gulf. some of these gulf wells are 1000 feet or less. and if you do have some kind of a shutoff prorbgs it's a lot easier to get to when it's in relatively shallow water. again, as harris said, the early reports were that this thing is burning. in one sense, that is good news, because when it's burning you don't have all that oil pouring into the water and you don't have the kind of cleanup problem that you eventually had with the deepwater horizon, if memory serves correctly, burned for about four days before the damage finally sank the rig and oil started to leak. jenna: i think we need more clarification as well for what exactly the coast guard is responding to and whether or not it was a rig. they're calling it an off shore petroleum structure. one would think that's a rig but there's a lot of
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business being done in the gulf so we want to be careful about how we're categorizeing it until we get more confirmation but as harris tells us, seven helicopters on the waeurbgs two airplanes, four boats, all enroute to this site, 80 miles south of vermillion bay. one of the things that we are hearing as well that, around 9:30 local time, 10:30 eastern time, that a commercial helicopter was flying over and that's how some of these first reports were coming in. we don't have very much information to find out what exactly tipped off the coast guard to this, but again, it's been, if it happened around, well, 9:30 local time there, one could say it's been about an hour or more. do you have more information now? jon: let me break in with good breaking news, which is the coast guard is telling fox news radio that all the members aboard this platform, we're not quite sure what it is yet, all are alive and accounted for. the coast guard says it has no knowledge on the extent of the damage to the rig or any possibility right now of
11:46 am
an oil spill. jon: -- jenna: so that's the big question as both you and harris were pointing out, when that big explosion happened with bp, and it's tough to use that -- i mean, that's our point of comparison because it's so fresh in our minds but we should be a little careful about that since we don't know too many details about this rig, the bp rig had many, many people working on it. right now it looks like some of the first estimates for the amount of people on this rig were around 13, 14, but the coast guard saying all of the people on this rig are accounted for. that's good news. jon: and that bp disaster was, as you heard so many tiles, the nation's worst environmental disaster, the tragedy there, 11 were killed on that deepwater horizon explosion. this thing, we're told from the coast guard reporting to fox news radio, all of the workers on this rig that is reportedly burning now in the gulf, all of the workers have been accounted for safely. we'll be back with more information for you in just two shakes.
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jon: a fox news alert, and breaking news from the gulf of mexico, where there's another incident, we don't know exactly how to characterize it just yet on an oil rig, about 80 miles south of vermillion bay off grand isle, coast guard commander sherry benita is on the phone with us now. what can you tell us? have your units gotten to the explosion yet? >> reporter: good morning, jon. yes, they have. we've launched seven helicopters and 26-wing aircraft from a number of different air stations and we have a number of helicopters on scene now pulling people out of the water. jon onand we understand that everybody has survived the explosion? >> reporter: it looks like it. right now, we were told that there were 13 people on board the rig, and there are
11:51 am
13 people in the water. they were able to don their what we call gumby suits, life preservers, and we're actively pulling them out of the water now. jon i don't know is the rig still burning? >> that, i don't know, jon. jon: any reports of oil in the water? >> we haven't had reports of oil one way or the other, so i can't tell you what the pollution situation is. you know, of course, that's a critical thing, but right now, we're just concerned with the search and rescue aspects of the case. jon: of course. and what do you know about this rig, who runs t. who owns it? >> the rig is called the vermillion rig number 390, that's the name of the rig, and it's owned by mariner energy. jon: is it deep water or is it shallow water? >> that, i couldn't tell you at this time, jon. i apologize. jon: we appreciate the information. we know you have your hands full and it's good news that you apparently have everybody off that rig rescued. >> outstanding news. jon: commander sherry
11:52 am
beniata. jon: thank you. jenna: the coast guard is doing good work. let's talk about the firefighters, too, right? let's keep it going. firefighters say they're part of a brotherhood, and this team, from australia, are running from california to new york city to honor the comrades they lost on september 11th. they're in chicago right now on a bit of break so they can talktous. liam tphra*try is a new york city firefighters who lost most of his company on that day and paul ritchie is a firefighter in australia and event director of this tour of duty, the run which they're on. paul and l aeufplt m -- liam, how are your legs feeling? >> >> my legs are doing fine. i haven't been doing as much running as i'd like to. liam has been doing more than i have. jenna: you weren't much of a runner, i heard! >> who said that? jenna: i wouldn't reveal my sources but it might be the guy sitting next to you. >> thanks a lot! i'm more of what is known as
11:53 am
a khrao*eudzdale. my legs are holding out. jenna: paul, you're from aus rail kwrarbgs is that right? >> yes, i'm from mel borne, australia. jenna: what makes you want to become involved in this? what inspired you to do this run? >> i've been a firefighter for 22 years now, and i'll always remember the events of 9/11, and in our profession, no matter where you are, in the firefighter profession, anywhere in the world, when the attacks occurred, you always remember what happened and it's poignant that as a firefighter we have the opportunity to comen rate the ninth anniversary and in our way, it's a small sacrifice to those that gave everything. it's something that we can now give back and commemorate, the people that were lost. jenna: liam, we're taking a look at footage from the run.
11:54 am
it looks like hard work, in the desert, you guys are running on hard concrete. how does this work that you keep this relay going from coast to coast? >> well, the team is broken up into three groups and we kind of hop scotch ahead. there's always somebody on the ground running 24/7 through the night and through the day and you know, basically, we just keep jumping ahead of each other and doing like a relay. it actually works pretty well. we have covered a lot of real estate in a short amount of time. jenna: so it's september 2nd, you got to make it to new york city by the 11th. can you do it? >> absolutely. i've got it in my thick head and all of us, we're determined to make it to new york by september 11th. and we will. jenna: so i've been looking at your website, it's a great one, we're going to put it on the screen for everyone to see, excellent bios of both of you, paul, looking forward to a lamb roast and liam to a porterhouse steak. i had one question that was asked of you guys, and i
11:55 am
want you to clear it up. the question reads who is going to spend the most time wearing the tiara and ballerina tutu for being the biggest princess? what is that all about? >> the point it made, it's a bit of a fun thing we've had along the way. it could be delivered to another team. he's wearing the skirt at the moment! jenna: okay. >> i want to make official mention if i can, we have a -- supplies to new york and i had the pleasure to meet people from pierce & company, jim johnson, tim schmidt, the man who organized the fill philosophy ad it's one firefighter, he's protected the runners from los angeles to chicago now and we're very luckily to be
11:56 am
protected by these people and we're looking forward to having that truck behind us the whole way. jenna: i'm sure that support means a lot, and we support you as well, and we congratulate you on such an amazing run. paul and liam, thank you for taking the time out to join us and we'll see you here in new york city. >> thank you very much. jon: they're not going to be able to making it here by 9/11 if we don't let them get out of their chairs. jenna: they're off and running! jon: good. we are awaiting a new advisory on hurricane earl, that storm packing winds near 140 miles an hour, it is poised to slam the outer banks of north carolina later today and where will it head next? that's the question. also, an exclusive interview, a lawyer, defending a woman in iran, the woman sentenced to be stoned to death, well, now that attorney who was representing here is forced to flee the country. his dramatic story, coming up. check out covergirl clean makeup.
11:57 am
take off that mask. lose that heavy makeup look, and slip into lightweight coverage that really fits. clean makeup. easy breezy beautiful covergirl.
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jon: a fox news alert and the white house briefing set to begin at any moment now. the press secretary, robert gibbs, in the briefing room there on the left of your screen. he's expected to touch on the economy and jobless claims. as you look at the dow, pretty much flat at this moment. also he'll be talking about the relaunch of those direct peace talks between israeli prime minister, between the israeli prime minister and the palestinian president. brand new hour of "happening now," i'm jon scott. jenna: breaking news, also, in the gulf of mexico, i'm jenna lee, and as we await the briefing, we want to check in live at the white house as molly henneberg's covering these events. what do we expect to hear today? >> reporter: these are multitopic affairs, middle east peace, perhaps some questions on that oil rig explosion in the gulf and questions, possibly, on hurricane earl. new economic numbers out today, let's start with the new number of people filing for
12:01 pm
unemployment benefits. that number fell slightly down 6,000 from the previous week. this is a weekly number. to about 472,000. some economists say that suggests that the pace of layoffs may have eased be ate -- a bit, but keep in mind overall it's usually under 400,000, so that number's still of concern, and the white house takes note of it. other numbers out today, productivity which is the amount of output per hour of work fell in the second quarter, that's april to june, fell 1.8%. that's the largest amount in nearly four years. and labor costs rose 1.1%, that's the biggest rise in labor costs since late 2008. this coupled with the productivity drop indicates that the reduced work forces companies are putting out as much as they can. finally, the latest bit of economic news, home buyers, it's a great time to get a mortgage. the rate for a 30-year fixed loan is 4.32% this week, that's down from 4.36% last week.
12:02 pm
rates have been falling since spring, and this is the lowest 30-year rate since freddie mac started tracking. president obama when he was speaking on tuesday night mainly on iraq, but he talked also about the economy, it's clearly on his mind, and he said, quote, our most urgent task is to restore our economy and put the millions of americans who have lost their jobs back to work. jenna, jon, back to you. jenna: we'll get back to you in the briefing room when robert gibbs steps up to the microphone. but you heard molly, she mentioned that rig explosion. it's off of the coast of louisiana, and it is about 80 miles, apparently, off the shore there off of grand isle, louisiana. this is what we know. the coast guard was just on talking to us about it, says that everyone that was on this rig has been pulled from the water. around 9:30 local heym a helicopter flew over this area and saw smoke and people in the water. that's when the coast guard responded, and it was a full
12:03 pm
response from new orleans and also houston to this rig owned by mariner energy. we have phone calls out to them to find out more about this rig, how deep was the drilling, who was on it. thirteen people on the rig according to the coast guard, all of them pulled from the water, but some lack of clarity about whether or not there's some injuries. we're seeing some reports of one person injured. jon: and one note from the associated press, jenna, is that this rig, it says, was not currently producing. obviously, that would be good news in terms of clean-or environmental damage -- clean-up or environmental damage. that's going to be a much easier problem to take care of and, of course, the good news from the coast guard, all of the crew members are safe. jenna: in the meantime, we've got a big weather situation to talk about. jon: we sure do, hurricane earl. all eyes on it as watches and warnings are now in effect for much of the northeast coast. right now it's a monster category 4 storm that is expected to cause problems from
12:04 pm
north carolina all the way up the coast to maine. meteorologist janice dean is tracking the storm, she's live in the fox weather center. you're going to have a busy weekend. >> reporter: yes, jon. i just want to show you those outer bands that are already move into north carolina. can we see those? that's satellite and radar combined. you can see how large this storm is. hurricane-force winds, 90 miles away from the center of the storm. tropical storm-force winds almost 240 miles away from the center of the storm. this is a very large storm, and we're going to feel the effects. jon scott, i just want to tell you i have a report here that this storm, hurricane earl, is now the third strongest atlantic hurricane on record so far north in the u.s. coastal waters. jon: wow. >> reporter: so to see a cat 4 this far north on the atlantic, the east coast side, is extremely rare. john: yeah, i think hurricane
12:05 pm
hugo hit south carolina at category 3 strength. >> reporter: yeah. they happened a long, long, long time ago. this is history in the making, and as we mentioned hurricane-force winds stretching 90 miles from the storm. twelve-foot seas extending 200 nautical miles from the center of this storm, so this is wide-reaching. just because maybe we don't take a direct hit from this storm we are still going to feel this storm from the coastal carolinas always way up to coastal maine, okay? just to give you perspective here. also watching fiona, she might brush bermuda as a tropical storm. gas tone could affect the caribbean. there's earl, it might be going through a little bit of a period of restructuring, we call that an eyewall replacement, it happens with major hurricanes, inner eyewall takes over, and it's trying to strengthen again.
12:06 pm
but here's the path z of 11:00. it has shifted a little bit to the east in terms of cape hatteras, even though you might not take a direct hit, you're still going to feel hurricane-force winds and rain. you're already feeling those outer bands now. there's friday, 8 a.m. of course, parts of delaware and new jersey, you could also feel tropical storm-force winds, eastern long island. friday, category 2 storm looks like it's going to directly go over cape cod, the islands, as a stronger hurricane than originally anticipated, so, jon, actually the story could be shifting. instead of cape hatteras, this could be more of a coastal massachusetts event, so that's why we have to watch these advisories and these tropical storm models that come in so that we can tailor the forecast and let you guys know where you need to be particularly cautious. jon: yeah. a lot of people who aren't accustomed to hurricanes could be seeing country. >> reporter: absolutely. okay, keep you posted.
12:07 pm
jon: thanks. jenna: right now they're boarding up and clearing out in north carolina's barrier islands. hurricane earl is barreling down on the outer banks. the storms are expected to pass over or near this area by tonight. now, folks there are not taking too many chances whether they're tourists are locals. >> better to be a little disappointed than to be washed away or something. >> i've been through weather here in key west, and you don't take no chances. >> you don't assume. >> invest in the rolldown shutters next year. [laughter] jenna: well, evacuations and preparations have been underway ever since it became clear the storm could impact north carolina's vulnerable coast. we have a live report coming up in just a moment. jon: right now we are getting a look at hurricane earl as seen from above. take a look. you can check out the size of this thing. yep, that's, that's the view from space.
12:08 pm
nasa also sent a drone to overfly that storm. a scientific first to gather information about a hurricane. engineers converted and equipped a global hawk drone, that's one of those drones that has been used in places like afghanistan, with a slew of instruments to gather data. last week the global hawk overflew tropical storm frank off the coast of mexico to help monitor developments of that particular storm. jenna: well, on the economic front a panel investigating the financial crisis is back at it today, and federal reserve chairman ben bernanke tells the panel regulators must be ready to shut down the largest institutions if they threaten to bring down the entire financial system. peter barnes is following this story live from washington. so, peter, it seems like that's a pretty hot topic. >> reporter: well, that's right, jenna. from weather storms to financial storms, and the hot issue here was the failure of lehman brothers which was one of the few firms that the government decided was not too big to fail back in the financial crisis. ben bernanke defending the fed's
12:09 pm
decision to deny lehman emergency loans back in september 2008. it ended up filing for bankruptcy. that helped to trigger a meltdown of global financial marketing and trillions in bank bailouts here in the u.s. and around the world. >> i conceded that there was no other option. there was never any discussion which says here's how we can safely -- should we do it or not. we never had a discussion like that. the discussion was, there is no way. >> reporter: and right now another regulator, sheila bair, the chair of the fdic, is testifying before the commission, jenna. jenna: it seems like it was just yesterday, right, peter, the whole crisis, lehman folding. it's still very fresh in our minds. do we have any solution, are there any experts that are telling us what we should do in the event this happens again? >> reporter: well, the commission is planning to issue relations to policymakers in december to help make sure that we never have to spend trillions again to bail out the banks. in the meantime, bernanke says
12:10 pm
the fed is designing a too big to fail test for financial firms, and he predicted some of them could be broken up in the future if they threaten the financial system, jenna. jenna: all right, peter, appreciate it very much. peter barnes obviously fox business network down in washington, and we're going to turn back to what's happening off the coast there in louisiana, in the gulf of mexico. harris is actually going to bring us fresh information on that oil rig explosion. >> reporter: yeah. we were wondering about the oil rig itself and whether or not oil might be coming out of it. the department of homeland security, now, works out of the governor's office down there in louisiana. what dhs federally is saying right now is that it was not producing any oil or gas, that this platform was -- and i think we've reported but now we can confirm -- 2500 feet or so into the water. and as far as we know right now, oil is not the problem. but we're still all over that section of the story as well. i do want to say that the 13
12:11 pm
people who they thought were accounted for, that number is firm. what we're struggling with right now is how serious are the injuries of the one person who's been reported injured. and so those are just two points i kind of wanted to clarify as information's coming in. department of homeland security is the point on this right now, and it really speaks to a couple of issues, the severity of it, obviously, and also just the whole idea of national security because you've got stop deployment in that -- so much deployment in that area of resources. you mentioned the coast guard, but they've deployed just about everything they can at this point for the clean-up not very far from there. so because of that you've got the department of homeland security handling this on point. so as i gather more information, that's where it will be coming from just to let you know all of that. the key point, it was not, that platform was not producing oil or gas. that's very important because, of course, we all have it in our minds of those people being plucked out of water or oil. jenna and jon?
12:12 pm
jon: harris faulkner, thanks. >> reporter: sure. jon: there's a new report that finds the number of illegal immigrants in arizona is actually dropping. the white house says it's proof that it's making progress in securing our border. is that really the case? also an update on that shocking acid attack. the victim's condition, the heartbreaking new image of her and where the hunt for her attacker stands right now. also from the deep we'll she you dramatic new images of the titanic, pictures you have never seen before. for strong bones, i take calcium. but my doctor told me that most calcium supplements... aren't absorbed properly unless taken with food. he recommended citracal. it's different -- it's calcium citrate, so it can be absorbed with or without food.
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12:15 pm
jon: "happening now" in the top box, a horrifying crash caught on tape. a university of iowa football player flies off his moped after a truck hits him head on. miraculously, the player walked away with scrapes and bruises. in the middle box, rescuers in china searching for dozen os of people after -- of people after a landslide. four people are dead. in the bottom box, british
12:16 pm
scientist stephen hawking says god was not necessary for creating the universe. those statements to be published in his new book. jenna: well, new developments on a story we told you about yesterday. a vicious attack in vancouver, washington. right now police are trying to track down the woman who threw acid on this 28-year-old woman's face. in the meantime, we've also gotten a picture of bethany after the attack as well. a scary story, harris. >> reporter: yeah. you know, when you see this picture, you really can understand the severity of this crime and why police called it a manhunt in the beginning. there she is after surgery. she's in serious condition reportedly. her mother calling this an act of evil. bethany in that starbucks parking lot in the vancouver, washington, area. a woman came up to her car on monday evening and said, how would you like to drink a little bit of this, pretty girl? and then put this acid-like fluid onto her face.
12:17 pm
it burned her clothing off her body, that's how severe this was. and had she not been wearing sunglasses -- that she had just purchased -- bethany would be dealing with a whole other level of injury at this point, blindness coupled with, as you can see, what will prove to be months of healing to her skin. the doctors, though, say they are very optimistic that even though she remains in serious condition, that she will recover. obviously, with scars, but she will recover. hey, pretty girl, do you want to drink this, and the woman ran off. that is the person they're looking for still today, but that picture really sums it up, what happened to bethany. back to you. jenna: harris, thank you for that update. jon: just awful. evacuations are underway right now in north carolina. meantime, preparations stretch hundreds of miles north up the coast in anticipation of hurricane earl. we are live where the storm is expected to impact the eastern seaboard first. also, did you check this out?
12:18 pm
an out of control suv slams into a store. how do you think this all plays out? pictures. type 2 diabetes, you struggle to control your blood sugar. you exercise and eat right, but your blood sugar may still be high, and you need extra help. ask your doctor about onglyza, a once daily medicine used with diet and exercise to control high blood sugar in adults with type 2 diabetes. adding onglyza to your current oral medicine may help reduce after meal blood sugar spikes and may help reduce high morning blood sugar. [ male announcer ] onglyza should not be used to treat type 1 diabetes or diabetic ketoacidosis. tell your doctor if you have a history or risk of diabetic ketoacidosis. onglyza has not been studied with insulin. using onglyza with medicines such as sulfonylureas may cause low blood sugar. some symptoms of low blood sugar are shaking, sweating and rapid heartbeat. call your doctor if you have an allergic reaction like rash, hives or swelling of the face, mouth or throat. ask your doctor if you also take a tzd
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12:21 pm
jenna: bringing you to the daily white house briefing, press secretary robert gibbs. let's take a listen. >> as you all know, the talks are ongoing. we expect that at some point, i would say in the next hour or so, senator mitchell, our special envoy for middle east peace, will conduct a briefing on what has transpired today. i would say that the, the president was encourageed in his meetings yesterday by the very serious attitude that each of the leaders brought about, about
12:22 pm
these talks and about a long-term, lasting peace for the middle east. all viewed this as a tremendously important opportunity. i think you all saw the pictures last evening and the powerful statements that were made by the leaders in the middle east. i would also say that the president, as he did in the rose garden yesterday afternoon, remind everyone that there are still deep divisions, there are still years of mistrust to overcome. that's not going to be wiped away in one meeting or in one day, and we understand that. the failure, though, failure to try is not, not something the president wants, wants to do.
12:23 pm
>> one of those deep divisions, how does the administration plan to deal with them? i mean, they don't recognize israel, they're promising more attacks. >> i'm sorry, say -- >> their plans for dealing with hamas? >> look, why don't i defer questions about what transpired today in the talks until senator mitchell has a opportunity to answer some of those questions at the conclusion of the meetings today, all right? yes, sir. >> robert, a question about christina romer's remark yesterday. i have it in front of me. substantially increase aggregate demand in the short run are for the government to spend more and tax less. in my view, we should be moving forward on both fronts. that sounds like setting the stage for a second stimulus. >> let me be somewhat broad in my answer. let's go back to, well, both what the president said and what
12:24 pm
i said on monday, and i think the actions and the steps of this administration has taken over the course of the past two years, first and foremost, the president and team are looking at ideas, and he numerated -- enumerated some of those parameters including infrastructure. and certainly in terms of cutting taxes, there's a bill pending before the united states senate that you've heard the president speak on many occasions that would, indeed, cut taxes on small business. i think if you look at, if the you go back to a year ago, outside of the recovery act we pursued and the president signed legislation that enabled cash for clunkers. the president spoke in december of last year about targeted measures th@d can be taken to help the recovery. those have included the
12:25 pm
bipartisan hire act which helps cut taxes for those that do add employees. we have expanded, we've given states more money to insure that things like teachers and firefighters weren't laid off. we've expanded and continued unemployment insurance, and the small business bill has passed the house. so i, you know, look, we will continue to look at and take steps that are, as i talked about on monday, that are targeted in nature to help continue the recovery and to help create an environment where the private sector is adding jobs. >> i think we are all aware of the steps that have been taken. what dr. romer seems to be saying here is that a lot more spending is to come to make this economic recovery -- >> again, i'd point you to what the president said on monday. i don't, i don't think that is, i don't think that is -- i think, again, i'd point you to what the president said as ideas that are being looked at.
12:26 pm
and as i said here on monday, some big new stimulus plan is not in the offing. >> how would you interpret, then, what she said? >> again, i would interpret what she said to be very much in the line with what the president said on monday. >> what does the president expect out of the jobless numbers tomorrow, and has the economic team come up with some of those new ideas that you've talked about? >> let me take the second question first, and that is those discussions and meetings continue to take place. i'm not going to get ahead of any of those ultimate decisions. it's probably -- well, it is not helpful for me to speculate on the jobs numbers. i say this for the benefit of anybody that is watching. i do not know the numbers, i will not know the numbers just so anything, anything that is said in the next several minutes has nothing to do with my
12:27 pm
knowledge about the numbers. i do that because everybody gets nervous if i make a comment, somehow i knew the number. >> there's an oil production platform in the gulf that's on fire. does it present any of the same problems of the bp rig? it's, obviously, not under a moratorium. do you know anything more about the accident? >> well, let me just say here's what i know before we came out here. this is, i'm told this is a production platform about 100 miles off the coast. i am told the depth of water is about 340 feet. so this is not a, this is not a deepwater facility. as i understand it, the well was not in active production. i will in some ways reiterate what i think the coast guard has said in a statement that they've released, and that is that they've responded to the preliminary reports of a fire
12:28 pm
onboard an oil platform in the gulf. the initial report that we got were that 13 persons, 13 people were on the platform. they are accounted for, one is injured and is on his way out of that area. two coast guard cutters, multiple coast guard aircraft were enroute, one coast guard helicopter was on the scene. we will continue to gather information as we respond. we, obviously, have response assets ready for deployment should we receive reports of pollution in the water. >> is the president convinced that the inspection of rigs in the gulf of mexico is moving fast enough? >> i have not gotten a recent update on that. i will try to get one. obviously, we have taken some -- we took a series of steps after the bp incident primarily around
12:29 pm
deepwater drilling. let me not go too much further than what i have, and if the situation warrants, we'll certainly update that. i will say the president was in a meeting in the situation room. i don't know if he's been notified. john brennan, who's in that meeting, does know about the incident. i just don't -- before somebody asks, i don't know if whether or not -- it's a national security meeting -- that john had or had not had a chance to discuss that with the president. >> who would be in charge? is this falling on the coast guard? >> i do not know who is on the scene, but you can -- the coast guard, obviously, the production facility is located in federal waters. they are the ones that are in response. i don't know if there's, who the highest-ranking person is on the scene. >> following up on the middle east peace talks, what does the president see as his role going forward now? does he feel like he's appropriately set the stage and now it's secretary clinton who's taking the lead? and if there's additional talk,
12:30 pm
say, hosted by egypt, would the president be the one who would be attending, or is he stepping back now and letting -- >> i don't want to make any scheduling pronouncements. i'll do this in a couple ways. obviously, secretary clinton has, is conducting and is the lead on this as she conducts these meetings today. obviously, our special envoy, george mitchell, has spent a lot of time in the region as has the secretary. look, we have said this from the very beginning, and as i mentioned the other day, one of the very first things the president did upon walking into the oval office that very first full morning was to make calls to leaders in the region, some of whom, obviously, were here yesterday. i think this is true historically, and that is when we are actively involved and
12:31 pm
engaged, there is a were the chance for -- better chance for peace. that's been president obama's view point and the whole team's viewpoint. so i can't speak to what our involvement would be at different points, just leave that for sort of a situational discussion, but obviously, we have over the past many months been actively involved and engaged and will continue to be actively involved and engaged as the best way to make progress, we have always felt, is to do so the same way they're doing today, that is to sit at that table and have direct talks. >> and does the question of seeing this scenario more optimistically than previous administrations a sense of more stability in the west bank or because of a potential mutual threat from iran becoming nuclear? how do they see this as any different from previous administrations? >> well, again, first and
12:32 pm
foremost, i think the president felt that the meetings yesterday, as he said, were productive and believed that each of the leaders was genuine and serious about seeking peace. you know, at the same time we understand that this is, as i've said earlier, this is, this is something that has eluded generations. we're mindful of that. so we will stay engaged, we will do what is necessary, and we hope that each side will continue to take steps necessary to make, build confidence and make these talks productive. >> does he believe that the mutual, potential mutual threat by a nuclear iran is helping bring these two sides together? >> well, again, we have always maintained that peace was in the best interest of each of these entities involved regardless of
12:33 pm
anything else in the middle east. i think that was true when the president first came in and, certainly, is true in actions today. yes, sir. >> the numbers for members of congress have gone through the floor in recent weeks for the democrats. why do you think that is, and why hasn't the president done more during the recess, august basically, to try to shore them up? like, you know, they're in a terrible spot. the numbers for members of congress, polling numbers for people who are running for office. democrats' numbers have nose dived during the month of august. [laughter] >> you sound like a radio guy. >> i could give you -- i'm sorry, but you get the idea. >> yeah. look, we are -- the president will continue to make a very active case for the steps that the administration is taking and why we have to continue to move forward on that path. >> he didn't do much during august. why not? >> i will say this, bill, the
12:34 pm
president has been fairly active in both campaigning and in raising money. what the president is helping the democratic national committee do is something that the democratic national committee has never done in supporting senate and congressional candidates. and it's something we'll continue to do. >> what is it the -- >> the level of support. >> following up on the economy, shot about the numbers tomorrow, but the snapshot of the new unemployment claims down but also productivity down and labor costs up, what does that snapshot tell you about the state of the recovery? well, look, let me give you an answer that's not necessarily based on one unemployment claims report today because i am somewhat hesitant to get into what are always going to be the week-to-week swings of unemployment claims.
12:35 pm
i think it is safe to say that we are in a markedly different and better position than we were a year or year and a half ago. our economy is expanding. we've created about 600,000 private sector jobs throughout the course of this year. as i have said earlier and i think as the president has said, there's no question that the trajectory of that recovery based on events particularly in greece have changed, have changed that trajectory from where we were at some point in the spring. we have to continue to be mindful of what, whatever steps might be necessary to continue that recovery. >> what are those? what are you doing to turn it around? jenna: that's the press secretary, robert gibbs, answering questions about the economy right now. of course; we've got that big jobs report tomorrow, and the press secretary making the
12:36 pm
point, well, things are better this year than they were last year at the same time but not speaking in too much detail. real quick, this is what's going on in d.c., the mideast peace talks. saying the trust is not going to be wiped away in just a day's time, but the president felt there was genuine effort on both sides there. if there's any more developments, we'll bring them to you. in the meantime, on to another story. jon: you heard bill klein of cbs asking the press secretary about the fact that the democratic members of congress seem to be in trouble. we promised you karl rove, we told you we'd talk to him about that question, but a couple of things happened; the breaking news on the oil rig, and the gremlins crawled in and wrecked our link with karl. we'll get back with him as soon as we can maybe on that very question, just wanted to let you know. the number of illegal immigrants in arizona is down according to
12:37 pm
figures from the pew hispanic center. they estimate 375,000 people in arizona last year entered the country illegally or overstayed their legal visas. that's 100,000 less than the center's estimate for 2008. why? let's ask mark kerkorian of the center for immigrations studies, charles cook is former president of the immigration lawyers' association. to you first, charles, why do you think those numbers are down? >> well, first, it's clearly the economy has chased people out of arizona to places where there are actually jobs. second, the arizona law has clearly played a part in people not wanting to be subject to the type of random stops that are, clearly, going to be occurring in arizona. jon: well, if so many people in arizona, charles, so many people have said via the polls they like that law, maybe it's working even if it's not being enforced as per the federal court order. >> well, i guess it's working for arizona if you want to get rid of potential workers there. the question is, is it doing
12:38 pm
anything to solve the current immigration crisis that we still have in america? even though this poll has said arizona supports this, people have left arizona, they haven't left the united states. and we still have a major immigration crisis. what these polls and what these studies show is that congress still needs to act on comprehensive immigration reform to solve the immigration problem. jon: mark, the white house is saying, hey, this shows that our efforts to enforce border protection are working. >> well, in fact, enforcement is part of the reason these numbers have declined, but it was before the recession started. the enforcement that happened at the tail end of the bush administration that got this decline started. the current administration has actually cut back on enforcement, but the recession is so serious that it's contributing to this decline. and the decline is not just in arizona, it's nationwide. i mean, there are more than a million fewer illegal immigrants as of last year than there were
12:39 pm
before the recession started and when the enforcement began. and the decline in the illegal population began right after the amnesty collapsed in the senate in 2007, the mccain-bush-kennedy amnesty. that's a million-plus people we didn't legalize. we didn't give amnesty to them, and they have now left the country. so let's keep trying that and see how low we can push the number. jon: does that suggest this arizona bill had absolutely nothing to do with this? >> no, i think it probably did. there's, obviously, different things going on in different places. i suspect it was a combination of the national enforcement initiatives at least earlier on in 2008. jon: all right. >> and the economy. and the arizona law almost certainly has resulted in a decrease in the current number. remember, the numbers they're talking about are about early 2009. and so illegal immigrants have left arizona. some have gone to other states, no question about it, and that's
12:40 pm
those states' problems, but some of them have almost certainly left and gone back to mexico, el salvador, wherever they're from. jon: all right, mark and charles, thank you. >> thank you. >> you're welcome. jenna: one of our big stories today, hurricane earl on track to slam into the east coast. coming up, we're going to talk to the owner of a pub that's right in the storm's path. they stayed open during hurricane bob back in 1991. will they brave the wrath of hurricane earl? we're going to ask them next. eggland's best eggs. the best in nutrition... justot better. high in vitamins d, e, and b12. plus omega 3's. there's one important ingredient that hasn't changed: better taste. better taste. yum! [ female announcer ] eggland's best. the better egg. [ both screaming ] i got into one of the most expensive schools in the country!
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this could save you thousands of dollars. look, want to do away with almost all claim forms? like the sound of no referrals needed to see a specialist? you get all that, too. call now to get your free information kit... and guide to understanding medicare. yep... this is one great card! call this toll-free number now for this... free information kit and medicare guide. megyn: hi, everybody, i'm megyn kelly. big news on earl and a possible change in its path. we'll tell you what the national hurricane center is saying now. and sweeping setbacks, dramatic depieces, congressional slaughter. these are some of the new predictions for democrats come
12:44 pm
midterm elections, but are they real? joe trippi joins me live. and the department of justice cracks down on arizona, now, oh, boy, is there a nationwide backlash. and last but not least, man tasered in the his own home. we've got it all on tape, you're not going to believe the reasons behind it in kelly's court. see you top of the hour. jenna: well, there's a lot happening right now in the world of weather, international affairs and everything else. white house press secretary robert gibbs is delivering his daily briefing as the markets race for a big jobs report out tomorrow morning. the consensus is that the u.s. lost 80,000 jobs last month, unemployment is expected to go up to 9.6 percent. peter schiff is credited with predicting this, and he's the author of the book "how an economy grows and why it crashes." pretty catchy title there, peter. what's the answer to that questionsome. >> well, we're experiencing the
12:45 pm
crash part right now. i was listening to the press conference earlier. when we're speaking about a recovery, we haven't had a recovery from this recession. we did have a stimulus, and as we spent the stimulus money, it created the illusion -- jenna: let me stop you there then because the press secretary said to all of us moments ago that the economy's in a better position than it was last year at the same time. is it? >> no, it's in a worse position because what happened is the stimulus, right, what it did is it exacerbated the misallocation of resources in our economy, and it's left us deeper into debt. so the economy is fundamentally weaker because the government stimulated it, and the problem is as long as the government is stimulating the economy, it will never recover. jenna: one person in favor of stimulus is christina romer, one of the white house's chief economic advisers. peter, do you want that job? [laughter] >> well, no one needs that job. you know, if we shut down all these government agencies and government economists, we could
12:46 pm
have real economic growth. in order to have economic growth, we need less government, we need more capital, we need more savings, we need to be more productive. but the government prevents all that from happening with the stimulus. jenna: the white house says they're not looking to fill her seat right away, but let's just say hypothetically that you step into that position, peter. what would be your first suggestion on your first day? >> el, the government -- well, the government has to stop creating the problems. the problems with our economy is americans have spent too much money, they haven't saved enough money, and we need to allow americans to save more. in order to do that, they have to spend less, and then the savings could be loaned out to businesses so that we can produce more products and create more jobs. but in order for that to happen, the government needs to shrink. so we need to cut government spending dramatically, reduce government payrolls, you know, government has to be smaller because right now government is taking all the resources out of the private sector, preventing the economy from growing, preventing productive jobs from
12:47 pm
coming into existence. jenna: if we slunk the government -- shrunk the government, we'd have more unemployment, wouldn't we, peter? what exactly should we do? >> no. jenna: you're saying no, where are we actually going to see the job growth that is going to help get americans back to work? >> we need productive jobs. imagine, for a minute, if half the country were employed digging ditches and the other half were employed filling them back up. nobody would be making anything. so the only way the economy would grow is if some ditch diggers lost their jobs so they can do something else. we need people that work for government to lose those nonproductive jobs so they can have productive jobs. but the reason there are so many people unemployed is because the government is refusing to allow the markets to function. government creates unemployment. they either do it by putting up barriers that prevent businesses from creating jobs, or they subsidize people to make it more lucrative not to take jobs. jenna: peter, real quick here, are you telling us all hope is
12:48 pm
lost? is there anything on the horizon? you predicted one crash, is there an actual way to turn it around? >> we have to have a 180-degree change in policy. the more damage the government does with the stimulus, the more it wants to stimulate. so they're trying to put out a fire with gasoline. the more gasoline they pour on it, the bigger it's going to get. we need a complete change, and i am hopeful republicans will win in november. i do believe the economy will be in much worse shape come november, so there can be some kind of backlash, but the question is what are those republicans going to do when they get there? because the republicans were part of the problem when bush was president. yes, barack obama inherited a big problem, but he made it worse by following the same policies that bush followed that created the problem. so we need some real republicans that understand the government's role in this crisis and are determined to do what's right which means shrinking government.
12:49 pm
and we can't have the federal reserve artificially propping up the economy with cheap money. we need to allow interest rates to rise, we need to allow assets to find their real price. we have to have markets determine home prices. we can't have the government trying to prop them up and bailing out all the firms that fail when the markets try to correct the imbalances. jenna: peter, when people were talking about uncertainty, that's what they're talking about. peter, we look forward to having you back again, talking more about the economy. definitely one of our biggest stories, and we appreciate your insight. >> thank you. unfortunately, it's going to get a lot worse for the economy, so there'll be plenty to talk about. jenna: that sounds good. we'll keep talking about it, thank you. jon: honey, i slunk the government. it has not made landfall, but earl has already done something hurricane bob could not do back in 1991, shut down a bar whose owner prides herself on staying open no matter what. so what's different this time around? she'll be along to tell us. at the stats.
12:50 pm
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jenna: well, all eyes on bigger earl right now as the category 4 hurricane bears down on north carolina. thousands are evacuating forcing some local businesses to shut down. not great news for business owners, like this one. she's not living, but she did have to carouse up shop today. -- close up shop today. what's the weather like, first of all? >> the weather is cloudy with moderate winds. we are not experiencing any rain yet, so we're just waiting to see what will happen. jenna: are you just going to wait out the storm? >> i am going to wait out the storm. jenna: why are you going to do that? >> well, i've got my business and my home and everything else here, and if i leave, sometimes you just don't know when you can get back.
12:54 pm
so it's a way to just make sure we're keeping an eye on everything. jenna: are you a little nervous about that? >> actually i'm not nervous. i've done it many, many times, and we take precautions to insure our safety and our property. jenna: so you stayed through hurricane bob. what was that like? >> very similar to any other hurricane. i mean, you just have winds and rain and water and then it's gone. jenna: since you've been through a couple hurricanes, you know a lot of things that have been said on the news, get ready, everyone needs to get ready. we're looking at images back from hurricane bob in 1991. what's the most important thing you think people should have in their emergency kit if 245eur going to -- they're going to wait out a hurricane like you are? >> water, food, batteries, safe and secure dry spot. jenna: how many people are, you know, staying along with you? >> most of the residents stay
12:55 pm
on. many are independent business owners and have homes and property, and so have experienced this many this times -- this many times so are hesitant to leave just because, again, they don't know when they can get back. jenna: your pub looks like a friendly place. what's the best thing on the menu there? >> oh, everybody loves our steamed shrimp, crab legs, oysters, burgers. jenna: it sounds good. you're making us hungry. >> 200 beers. [laughter] jenna: ann, thank you so much for joining us, we appreciate it, and we'll probably touch base and see how things are going out there. lots of luck to you, thank you so much, ann warner of howard's pub for us. jon: you had to do that, didn't you? jen sounds pretty good, right? jon: doctors not too happy with the future of health care in america right now. wait until you hear or see what some are putting up in their offices just to make sure you get their message. [ male announcer ] if you have type 2 diabetes,
12:56 pm
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jon: alaska, the frontier state where winter nights can be long and you have to entertain yourself with all kinds of crazy thins, like stupid tricks. check this out. a girl actually water-skiing on one of the alaskan rivers pulled by a team of sled dogs. megyn: is that shall. jenna: is that real? jon: this is real. this is not photo shopped. another girl does ten chin ups on a rack of moose antlers on a forklift. it's named stupid alaska tricks. jenna: those are two women representing out there, jon. jon: i would have trouble doing ten chin ups these days. jenna: what were those, moo
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